10 asthma self care tips for everyday well-being

Being an inflammatory disease in the airways to the lungs, asthma is a long-term disease of the lungs and makes breathing difficult. While for some it can be a minor inconvenience, for others it can be serious or even life-threatening. There’s no one-plan-fits-all approach to managing asthma. 

But certain asthma self-care tips can surely help in controlling the flare-up. Whether you experience asthma symptoms occasionally in response to specific allergens or triggers, or experience more frequent and severe enough to hamper and interfere with your routine activities, there are always some self-care tips that anyone can and in fact, should follow in making life easier when living with asthma.

So if you or someone you know suffers from this problem share this guide consisting of 10 asthma self-care tips to make breathing and life easier for asthma sufferers.

  • Know and manage your triggers or allergens 

With different types of asthma affecting people differently and even during different times of the day or the entire year, it becomes really important that you understand and know the allergens, triggers, pollutants, and irritants flaring up your asthma symptoms. Allergies and asthma often go hand-in-hand.

So check for any allergen forecasts beforehand and plan to step out accordingly. Even while staying at home, there are certain allergens like animal fur, dust, smoke, perfume fragrance, etc. that might trigger asthma. So account for that as well.

Note: If you’re not sure as to what triggers your asthma, consult a doctor.

  • Develop an exercise regime

One of the most important asthma self-care tips is regular exercising. A higher level of physical activity helps in controlling asthma better. People who exercise on a majority of days of the week are 2.5 times better in controlling asthma than those who don’t. 

Exercising also helps in controlling obesity, which contributes majorly to triggering asthma symptoms.

Note: Before embarking on a routine and developing a regime, ensure to consult your doctor for precautions. Like if you suffer from exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) asthma, special precautionary measures need to be taken. So take these factors into account.

  • Change and clean air filters besides minimizing dust

Keep air-conditioner filters free of dust to not let it travel through the ac system and eventually causing breathing problems. Make continual vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning a habit at areas where you spend a majority of your time such as at home or workplace, or any other place. But with your nose and mouth covered with a mask. Or ask someone else in your family to do it for you.

When making your bed, put dust-mite covers on pillow and mattresses, or you can even go for allergy care beddings by MedontheGo here.

Note: Try using a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom when sweeping dust and waste to avoid dust build-up. Air purifiers will be your best friend for clean air.

  • Try controlling and modifying your diet

Better the diet, better your immune system to handle and rebound from an asthma attack. Certain foods like peanuts, soy, wheat, milk, eggs, high in sugar, fried, ones rich in sulfites, etc. promote worsening of asthma symptoms by increasing mucus secretion and thus causing thickening of the same. While fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich items, whole grains, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids help reduce symptoms of and gain better control over asthma.

  • Avoid fragrance sprays, instead resort to essential oils

Perfumes, air fresheners, mists, cleaning sprays, etc. trigger major breathing problems of bronchial asthma though essential oils like eucalyptus oil, lavender oil help reduce inflammation.

So invest in essential oil diffusers for better control.

Note: Never use this if you encounter an asthma attack. Consult your doctor before even including one in your routine as they might not work the same way for everyone.

  • Manage stress, anxiety, and smoking

A stress-induced asthma attack can be better controlled with yoga, deep breathing exercises, and other stress management activities besides controlling anxiety. Many a time, stress and depression develop because of uncontrolled asthma. This further hampers asthma control progress, so seek expert guidance if needed.

Smoking is yet another prominent cause of worsened asthma. Also, avoid places and instances wherein you could be exposed to second-hand smoke.

Note: Feeling of strong emotions like laughter, anger, excitement, fear, etc. induce asthma flare-ups as these change breathing rates.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking enough water is not only beneficial for digestion, for skin, and in overall body-cleanse, but also helps in asthma management. It is one of the most effective asthma self-care tips because it helps to keep the mucus thinner, thus, aiding in breathing!

  • Keep your inhaler/nebulizer handy

Whether in case of emergency or not, always keep your inhaler/nebulizer handy. Don’t forget to keep them clean routinely and invest in new ones as and when required. Get yourself or someone you know of from here. MedontheGo has products certified by specialists and is of supreme quality with high portability.

  • Resort to complementary and alternative medications or treatments when required

Yoga, acupuncture, breathing techniques, consuming caffeinated drinks, having dietary supplements for that of Vitamin D and C, etc. are some of the complementary and alternative treatments you can go for.

As for medications, choose those which work well for you, only based on your health provider’s recommendation and consultation. Like for quick-relief, allergy-induced, long-term asthma control, etc.

  • Relieve off asthma symptoms with home remedies

Again consult your doctor beforehand through home remedies form an integral part of anyone’s asthma self-care routine. Like, consume ginger and turmeric due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Black seeds also help in reducing inflammation and muscle constriction. Apple Cider Vinegar helps in supplying nutrients required for respirator health besides controlling inflammation.

And here we have come to this extensive guide to asthma self-care!

Keep yourself or any asthma sufferer you know, armed with requisite allergy care and asthma supplies from MedontheGo. Consult your doctor before adopting anything in practice and experience problem-free breathing with the right lifestyle changes and the right supplies!