As we age, physical changes take place within our bodies that may seem a bit embarrassing. One of the changes we may face is bladder or bowel incontinence. When your loved one begins to experience incontinence of any sort, they may have a slight loss of pride and be hesitant to mention the issue to anyone, including family members.

Incontinence is no one's fault. It is a personal topic that many have difficulty coming to terms with. If your loved one confides in you that they are dealing with incontinence, treat them with the dignity they deserve. You can help you loved determine if adult underwear would be useful in their situation. Here are a few tips to help you and your loved one make that decision.

1. When Incontinence Is Due to Childbirth

Seniors aren't the only age-group that deal with incontinence issues. Young and middle-aged women may have incontinence caused by childbirth. These women experience leakage when they cough, sneeze or laugh. Typically, a thin liner in the underwear is enough protection for these accidental leaks.

2. When Incontinence is Persistent

It's understandable that the thought of wearing adult "diapers" or underwear can cause anxiety among people dealing with persistent incontinence. They may think they can get by without protection, taking their chances that they won't experience leakage. Unfortunately, leakage often cannot be controlled and can happen when we least expect it.

A good way to determine if adult underwear is necessary is to decide whether or not the incontinence is interfering the enjoyment of life. If it is, adult underwear can not only offer protection, but confidence. A second way to make the decision is to make an appointment with a doctor. If there is an underlying cause to the incontinence, such as an infection, curing or controlling the condition could end leakage. If a doctor makes the determination that no treatments will help to control the incontinence, adult underwear is necessary.

Be Sensitive and Supporting

Be ready for your loved one to have concerns about wearing adult underwear. In many cases, these concerns will surround embarrassment and, at times, comfort. Adult underwear comes in many styles, many of which are thin enough to wear under typical clothing. They pull on and off as easy as traditional underwear and your loved one won't have the worry of leakage during outings or get togethers.

When talking to your loved one and helping them make this decision, remember to treat them with kindness and understanding. Wearing adult underwear may not seem like an issue to you, but you're not the one facing the prospect.

At Med on the Go, adult underwear is just one of the items we carry for your health and comfort. Contact us today or place your order online to help your loved one start enjoying life again.