Life just has become very fast and there is an urgent need to keep on doing things, the Pace is Frantic and each one of us, no matter what the state of our physical or emotional health is, we need to meet deliverables and continue. Otherwise, we will not Survive or Thrive. That is generally the state of affairs, no matter what country or continent one lives in. In this frantic pace for survival, we as Human beings have lost Kindness. Kindness to others, to the Environment, to the Earth or the Animals. I just read on CNN today, that they a Huge Whale washed ashore dead with 90 Tons of Plastic Waste in its Stomach. We are simply throwing away plastic into our oceans and not caring what it does to the Living Beings in the Ocean. We are just living for Ourselves- My Wife, My Kids, My Job, My Car, My House and that is it.


Shouldn’t we change Gears a Little Bit here, why not Kindness is the New Cool should become our New Mantra?


Being Kind to Others is such a Cool thing to do, you might say why am I writing about Kindness on a website that sells Medical Products like Needles and Syringes?


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