How Doctors Consider Prescribing Medication

When we get a prescription for medicines, we know what it is for. But do we know the process medicos go about in writing down prescriptions?

This is why we’ll give you a bird’s eye view of the doctor's prescription process. You can even discuss a suitable plan with your doctor after reading the mentioned points.

So keep reading till the end!

Factors that doctors consider while prescribing medication

  • Age of the patient :

The medicines go on a complex journey through your body from the time you take them until they leave. The effect of medication changes with age. 

This is why as we get older, the side effects associated with certain medications are sure to increase. The smaller bodies of children usually react differently to certain medications and therefore, they are provided with special attention at the doctor’s office.

Compared to children, the elderly are also placed in a separate category due to the chances of negative reactions. In most cases, older adults are given lower doses of medications than younger adults. A decrease in the functioning of the kidney, liver, and digestive system affects how well one’s body can handle a specific prescription. That’s why older people are asked to have clear communication with their physicians about all the medications and supplements they are taking.

  • Sex of the patient:

The physiological differences between men and women play an important part in disease prevalence and results. For example, men are more likely to develop myocardial infarction. Whereas, women are more likely than men to experience cataracts, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, hepatitis, and thyroid dysfunction. 

These sex-related differences also have a significant impact on drug activity. Studies have shown that different sexes metabolize certain drugs differently. For example, the recommended dose of a popular sleeping pill known as Ambien is almost half for women as compared to men.

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  • Height and weight of the patient :

The doctors need to consider a patient’s height and weight in some cases. Especially, weight is included in larger considerations of a therapeutic index when determining the right dose for a patient.

The therapeutic index is simply the ratio of a drug’s efficacy to its toxicity and is considered a margin of safety. So, before prescribing a proper dosage to the patients, doctors generally consider the effectiveness of the medication against the potential side effects.

In cases of some drugs with a high therapeutic index, most adults can consume a generalized dose without experiencing a negative effect irrespective of their height and weight. But in drugs with a lower therapeutic index, a physician exercises more care while prescribing the dose.

  • Drug interactions :

A significant threat to the well-being of patients is represented by drug interactions. As part of prescribing medications, doctors discuss drug interactions whenever modifying a patient’s medication regimens. Letting your doctor know if you are taking any medication helps him prescribe correctly and lower your chances of having an adverse reaction to your new medication.

Drug interactions enhance a medication’s effect, possibly activating a response close to that of an overdose or decrease a medication’s effect, possibly to the extent where the medicine is nearly ineffective. 

Any conversation about drug interactions begins with an introduction of the potential interaction related to a drug. This will help patients admire the significance of the information that will be covered during the discussion.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions of the patient :

A pre-existing medical condition is a medical illness that patients have before they begin a new health care routine. Some chronic illnesses including many forms of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, lupus, and depression are good examples of pre-existing conditions.

These medical conditions can affect the prescription that a doctor will recommend. Making sure that the medication doesn’t react with the one you are taking is important. This is even more important to those afflicted with liver disease. Any complications with the liver could prevent your body from metabolizing and eliminating the medication given.

When selecting a medication, consider your medical needs. It’s always best to let your doctor know if you have liver problems or any chronic illness.

  • Medical intolerance of the patient :

Drug intolerance means a patient’s inability to tolerate the adverse effects of a medication, commonly at therapeutic doses. Intolerance to any medications, such as antibiotics, is a result of symptoms generally involving the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this, some patients experience nausea and vomiting along with diarrhea. Others may develop a headache or mere myalgia.

There are several reasons for the cause of drug intolerance. Two of the most common causes are the changes in the gut microbiome and the cross-reactivity of the antibiotic itself with other organs.

For prescribing medications, doctors generally look at the medical history of the patient in-depth. They ask questions related to the intolerance to make sure the patients don’t receive a drug to which they are allergic.

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