When we are children, our parents are always there for us with a kiss and a bandage when we have a banged up knee. Fall off your bike and scrape your arm, a bit of antiseptic ointment does the trick. As we enter middle age, roles tend to reverse. Our parents are no longer taking care of us; we are taking care of them.

Bandages and ointments may still be staples of first aid kits, but do you need something more? If you are taking care of your senior parents, having a first aid kit on hand is essential and stocking it with the right supplies is important. Here are some things to be sure to include in your kit for seniors.

1. Scissors

You have scissors for general cutting. You may even have poultry scissors. Don't rely on these things for accidents around the house. Invest in a pair of bandage scissors and a strong pair of shears. You don't necessarily have to buy two pairs. Most first aid scissors are strong enough to cut through cloth and have a blunt side so that you don't cut anyone's skin.

2. Transparent Film Dressing

Seniors tend to have thin, skin and cutting or tearing it is easy to do. Bandages and tape may be too harsh on a senior's sensitive skin. Transparent film dressings are thin but strong enough to hold the skin together. Rather than just pulling on the edges of the skin, the dressing has adhesive that sticks to a larger surface area making it less likely to tear skin.

3. Butterfly Closures

These bandages are perfect for small cuts. They aren't as strong as stitches and don't take the place of them. They are useful, however, for seniors with skin so thin that it won't tolerate stitching.

4. Self-Adherent Bandages

These bandages are not gauze, and don't take the place of it. They will not soak up bodily fluids. What they are great for is compression and to hold non-stick dressings in place. The bandage sticks to itself, negating the need for tape.

5. Non-Stick Gauze

Non-stick gauze pads are good for wounds that are bleeding or oozing. The pads will absorb bodily fluids but not stick to the wound site. If your loved one cuts themselves, a non-stick pad wrapped with a self-adherent bandage can control the bleeding until you are able to get medical attention if necessary.

6. Paper Tape

Sometimes only tape will do when a loved one receives a cut or gash. Unfortunately, many kinds of tape can irritate the delicate skin of a senior. Paper tape is less irritating than others and should be in any first aid kit for seniors.

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