Did you know that about 45 percent of normal, healthy adults snore on occasion? If you didn't, you do now. Ask your sleeping partner if you are one of those people, and they will likely regale you with stories of being kept awake at night by your buzzsaw of a throat --- that is if you haven't already been on the receiving end of a few jokes.

The good news for your partner, and ultimately you, is there are ways you can ease your snoring without a trip to the doctor. Here are five ways you can put an end to the annoying noise as soon as tonight.

1. Change Positions

You are more likely to snore if you are laying on your back. Try laying on your side tonight or sleeping on your stomach. You snore because your tongue and soft palate relax toward the back of your throat. This can't happen if you are on your side or stomach.

2. Open Your Nasal Passages

If you can sleep comfortably with a Breathe Right strip on your nose, give it a try. If your nose is blocked, it can make snoring more likely to occur. Take a hot shower before you go to bed to open up your nasal passages, then apply a strip. This will keep your nasal passages open throughout the night.

3. Sleep Regularly

Most people don't know that they are more likely to snore if they allow themselves to become overly tired. When you sleep deep and hard, you may snore even when you aren't normally prone to doing so. Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time. When you sleep more regularly, you are less likely to snore.

4. Stay Hydrated

When you are dehydrated, the natural secretions of your soft palate and nose become thicker and stickier. This can increase snoring. Stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent this from happening. You can also drink a cup of water before you go to bed. On average, women need about 11 cups of water per day and men need 16 cups. Keep in mind that this includes water from food.

5. Speak to Your Doctor

If you snore regularly, your doctor may want to perform a sleep study. A CPAP machine is a special mask you wear at night that helps you breathe normally. Your snoring may not be so severe that it wakes you up at night or threatens your life, but it could be indicative of something serious that needs to be diagnosed and treated properly.

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